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Power Flushing

Power Flushing

Does your boiler cut out or make banging noises?

Do your hot taps fluctuate between hot and cold?

Do your radiators remain cold at the top?

Bleeding your radiators…is the water black?

Answer Yes to any of the above, then your boiler and system may need power flushing.

Power flushing is a recommended procedure to remove debris and sludge in the central heating system and also improves the efficiency of the heating. This procedure can also prolong the life of the boiler by removing the aggressive water which can eat away at the internal workings of the appliance. Best possible results are achieved by using the correct chemical to suit the heat exchanger in the boiler together with an inbuilt magnet on the flushing machine.

During the process, The Power flush machine is usually sited outside with hoses linked to the heating system. A cleaning solution is then pumped throughout the system and combined with the flow rate of the machine, the unwanted waste products are removed. Generally, allow up to one day for a complete flush.

Once the Power flush is complete, we would recommend installing a magnetic filter to ensure the water quality is maintained. This filter is usually cleaned as part of your annual boiler service.

Before & After Power Flushing